BossBody Wave Full Lace Wig
BossBody Wave Full Lace Wig

BossBody Wave Full Lace Wig

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  Here’s the TEA about our Exclusive Full lace WIGS, Full Lace Equals Endless possibilities Periodt!!  Yeah sis, RUN TELL THAT! You would be surprised at how important it is to be versatile and undetectable is as well as how big of a Visual differences does make. That EXTRA HD lace comes standard with out full lace units . Trust that Supernatural is the end game so Understand that it’s the difference between a Supernatural and unnatural unit.

This lace is ExclusivePeriodt! Thin ,soft & flexible, transparent AND High Definition equals a engaging visual better versatility, a much flatter, natural look and feel. If you love frontals and want endless styling opportunities & versatility this wig is your best investment yet!


This is what you need to know about our BossBody Wave:

Similar to Loose Wave , our BossBody Wave appeals to those who want more of a wave instead of a curl. Compare to the standard body wave, the curl pattern of loose wave is a slightly more defined. Not too tight, not too straight, many women love the curl pattern of loose wave hair as it holds a more bodied curl while both wet and dry.

The Bossbody Wave texture is a loose S wave pattern that easy to style and maintain. These extensions can be straightened to achieve a silky straight texture, and will always revert back to its “Body Wave” state once wet. This hair also curls beautifully & Effortlessly with heated styling tools and minimal product. – The color will range from Natural Dark Brown to Natural Black

Our BossBody Wave Wigs have and exclusive lace material that is soft, comfortable, lighter in weight and Flexible to ensure the hairline of the unit matches perfectly with your own. It gives it more of a natural look due to the transparency and flexibility of the lace.

Treat your extensions like your own hair. Be sure to shampoo, condition, air dry your extensions before every install to ensure the longevity and vitality of your prized investment,

Hair Style: Frontal Construction
Lace Size: Full Lace 
Lace Type: HD Transparent
Hair Type: 100% Human Hair
Density: 300%
Hair Grade: Raw Vietnamese
Color: Natural Black
Coloring: Can lift to level 12

*The color will range from Natural Dark Brown to Natural Black

*All bundles are Trimmed BEFORE being measured

*Additional Bundles may be required when purchasing extensions in lengths past 26"

*Usually, ships in 2-3 days if the item is in stock. Contains a Triple machine weft to prevent shedding.

*Cuticles align to prevent tangling.

*Very soft to touch yet strong and thick

*Can Be Straightened and will Revert Back to original Texture